Canadian Solar Panels: An Independent Review

Canadian Solar is one of those companies which started working on solar panels in 2001 in Canada and is considered to be the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. The company is operating in 6 continents currently. Canadian Solar Panels as compared to other panels are quite efficient, log-lasting and don’t cost much. Let’s take a look at their types, prices and see if they’re good enough to be choosen for your household or commercial usage.

Types of Canadian Solar Panels

Various types of residential as well as commercial solar panels are offered by Canadian Solar. Some of those types are given below:

For Commercial Usage
For Residential Usage
Each of these types has different specifications and you can choose based on your demand as well as the budget.

Canadian Solar Panels in Comparison with Other Solar Panels

Few things you must look for whenever you think of buying something include the efficiency, performance, warranty and its price. Similar is the case with Canadian Solar panels.

Efficiency of a solar panel means how good it is in converting sunlight to electricity. If its conversion rate is more, it’ll have a higher efficiency. Canadian Solar Panels’ efficiencies vary depending on the kind of model you have choosen for your usage. Usually, the efficiency of these panels ranges between 15 and 20%.

Canadian Solar Panels have a warranty of 10-12 years which means they will work well for the next 10 years without any issue and if they don’t, the manufacturer will be responsible for replacing the panels.

Temperature coefficient is the major parameter in evaluating the performance of these panels. Temperature coefficient indicates that how good does a panel work if ideal conditions aren’t given to it. Since solar panels work well in cool environments, same is the case with Canadian Solar Panels. Their performance is really good at a temperature below 25 and when the temperature exceeds 25, the performance starts getting low and they produce less electricity than they’re supposed to produce.

The size of solar panels as well as the materials used in their manufacturing determine the cost of these panels. Normally, Canadian Solar Panels cost between $2.5 and $3.2 for each watt of power produced which makes them an automatic choice for household usage.


Canadian Solar Panels are quite efficient, long-lasting and cost less for which they are preferred for commercial as well as household usage.

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What is Atopic Dermatitis?

Although seen in individuals of all ages, AD most frequently occurs in childhood. The characteristic clinical features and distribution tend to evolve based on the age of the patient. The main triggers of atopic dermatitis are dry skin, irritants, stress, allergies, infection and heat/sweating.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is the most common type of eczema. In fact, more than 18 million American adults have atopic dermatitis which often appears as a red, itchy rash normally on the cheeks, arms and legs. AD presents different symptoms depending on the age of the person. Itching is the hallmark of AD, more than 85% of people with the condition experience this distressing symptom every day.

There is currently no reliable biomarker that can distinguish the disease from other entities.

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When AD is mild, dermatologists may begin treatment by asking patients to avoid known triggers and to moisturize regularly to protect and strengthen the skin barrier. The maintenance therapy for AD consists of the liberal use of emollients and daily bathing practice with soap-free cleansers.

The use of topical corticosteroids (TCS) is the first-line treatment for AD flare-ups. Pimecrolimus and tacrolimus are topical calcineurin inhibitors (TCIs) that can be used in conjunction with TCS. Ultraviolet phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for moderate to severe AD when first-line treatments are not adequate.

In addition to these, antistaphylococcal antibiotics are effective in treating secondary skin infections. Patients with severe sleep disturbance due to pruritus are offered a short-term, intermittent course of an oral sedating antihistamine such as Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or Hydroxyzine;

However, they are not routinely recommended because of lack of evidence that they reduce pruritus and the risk of development of contact dermatitis. Eucrisa (Crisaborole), Dupixent (Dupilumab), Corectim ointment and Olumiant (baricitinib) are approved drugs for AD.

Targeted biologic therapeutics – Anti-IL-4Ra therapy (dupilumab): Dupilumab is a monoclonal antibody that inhibits interleukin (IL)–4 and IL-13 signaling by blocking the shared IL-4Ra. It was approved by the US FDA in 2017 for adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis not adequately controlled with topical prescription therapies or when those therapies are not advisable. In 2019, this indication was expanded to include adolescents aged 12 years or older. It is a subcutaneous injection administered every two weeks.

Topical phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4) inhibitors: Eucrisa is a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor indicated for topical treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in patients 2 years of age and older. PDE-4 inhibition results in increased intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels. The specific mechanism(s) by which crisaborole exerts its therapeutic action for the treatment of atopic dermatitis is not well defined.

Affordable Luxurious Apartments at KENWORTH by PROVIDENT

Provident Housing Limited is one of the leading real estate companies in India. Since its inception in 1975, Puravankara Limited, its parent company always believed that there is only one mantra for success: Quality. The group had delivered top-quality affordable housing projects with well-designed living spaces and world-class amenities. Provident Housing Limited is currently executing eleven projects at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Mangalore. They have bagged many awards such as the 7th REALTY PLUS EXCELLENCE AWARDS for Affordable Housing Project of the Year – Provident Sunworth, ACCE(I)-SARVA MANGALA AWARD 2016 for Excellence in Construction in the Field of Civil Engineering – Provident Sunworth, and many more. Apart from this, Provident Housing Limited is also known for its best execution track records, an experienced management team with a proven track record in the residential real estate sector. Along with that, it has a strong financial strength and high corporate governance, Excellent customer relationship management and support, and have always focused on timely delivery of the projects with high construction quality

Kenworth by Provident is another top-quality resident housing project that Provident Housing Limited has come up with. It is located in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. The project is spread over nearly 20 acres of land and has 75% open space. It consists of 17 towers of 10 floors each. Provident Kenworth comprises 2300 units.

The project offers apartments with a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and features to provide a comfortable living. Besides this, it offers numerous amenities such as a jogging track, swimming pool, community hall, amphitheater, outdoor party lawn, gymnasium, clubhouse, indoor games, the micro mall – convenience store, office, shopping, cafeteria, restaurants, culture club – mini music studio, tinkering room, ballet, yoga, aerobics, restaurant, creche, library, spa lounge pool, indoor yoga deck, party corner on the terrace, entertainment zone, senior citizens corner, and reflexology pathways. Kenworth also offers sports and games facilities such as cricket nets, table tennis, multi-sports courts – mini football /mini hockey/2 tennis courts, basketball court, high/long jump sandpit, volleyball/kabaddi court, archery, squash, boxing, long/ high jump, badminton court and many more.

Kenworth by Provident is a multi-functional apartment project and has a carpet area of 615 sq ft. It is the best time to invest in the project as it is under construction and will be given possession in March 2021.

This project has been strategically located close to PVNR Expressway-Rajendra Nagar and is in close proximity to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport that is only 16km away, Walmart 1km, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhawan 5km, Cinepolis Mantra Mall 4 km, and State Bank of India only 1.3km away making it an ideal place to navigate.

Whether you want to reside, give it on rent, or looking it as a property to invest, the project provided by Provident Housing Limited at a range that is not only affordable but also comparatively budget-friendly makes Kenworth by Provident a worthy and non-negligible property to invest for all the desired purpose.

HomeCapital provides the Home Down Payment Assistance program to connect these apartments with more homebuyers – who qualifies for first-time home buyers. A program that also financially helps homebuyers in early rather than late buying their dream home. HomeCapital is the pioneer of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program for homeowners.

The current pandemic situation has put a heavy strain on the residential property market. With some patience and proper planning, you can easily come up with the decision of buying a home of your choice. And given that the possibility of getting the industry back on track, the developers are surely going to let loose on the leash and will put the pricing right.

Real Estate Listings Today Need Top-Notch Presentation

In the real estate market today there are fewer buyers and many sellers. This is not the time to be lackluster in marketing your property. To lure buyers, an aggressive campaign to present your property in the best light is paramount. Whether a broker is handling it or you are selling on your own, your real estate listings need to be top-notch.

The internet will play host to your listing on a multitude of sites. These sites reach people around the world. No more small ads with a few succinct lines in the local newspaper. Today, your listing will be global.

Begin with the description of your property. Include every positive factor you can think of. Mention light-filled rooms, updated appliances, hardwood floors. Anything unique in the design or layout. Make your words fill the imagination of potential buyers.

The convenience and charm of the neighborhood should be included. The schools and recreational facilities should be mentioned. A nearby library is a plus. A great grocery store close by is a plus. If there is a shopping mall in the area, that is a selling factor. If your neighborhood is trendy, talk about bars and cafes nearby. By adding personal touches, you will connect with buyers looking for just those things.

This does not mean you make a folksy presentation. Definitely do not use amateurish photos or cutesy descriptions. Often a broker takes care of the details. But with a flooded market, you may not get the attention you need to sell your property fast. If you are taking on some of the marketing yourself, make sure the photos you post look professional. If you are not a good photographer, find someone who is. If you cannot write a decent sentence, someone you know can.

Pay attention to real estate jargon. The industry uses words to paint a picture of a pleasant home. Learn a few phrases by reading some of the ads. Make your wording upbeat. Try to be honest. If your house is a fixer-upper, it is okay to say that. By using that term, you avoid stating details that are not quite so wonderful. Highlight the positive, shade over the negative.

Never post dark, poorly exposed photos online. No picture is better than a picture that makes your place look like a dark hole. Also, avoid posting close-ups of the toilet. Yes, this is actually done. It is a waste of space and looks tacky. Most everyone knows what a toilet looks like and assumes one comes with the property. If the bathroom is clean, updated and aesthetically appealing, do post a photo of it. Especially if it has a window, a skylight or other elements that make it special.

Try to avoid things that, while necessary, do not make appealing photos: old radiators, hot water tanks, hanging wires or ungainly air-conditioning units. Instead focus on the fireplace, architectural details if any, good flooring, walk-in closets or large windows. If you have a view, this makes for a good photo. A night shot of a cityscape is compelling. If there is greenery outside, try to frame it nicely through the windows. A pool or rooftop deck should be shown in sunshine.

Never post pictures of dirty, cluttered rooms filled with personal belongings. Women take one look and move on. Good-looking photos will attract buyers. Make sure your real estate listings work in your favor for a quick sale at the best possible price.