Christmas Presents For Kids – Should I Get A Dog?

Soon it will be Christmas again and you will get your kids the most wonderful presents. For a long time now your son or daughter has been wanting a dog. With Christmas coming up you might ask yourself if a puppy would not make a fantastic surprise under the Christmas Tree.

Contemplating this you imagine all the joy and happiness on your babe’s face, the glee of the dream come true in her eyes.

But wait, would this really be such a good idea after all? Will that cute little puppy really stay cute for long? Or will it turn into a dog with his own needs and expectations?

Will your kid really stick to all her promises once the Christmas days are over? You know all those promises of looking after her dog, taking him out on walks, feeding and grooming him… for the next ten or fifteen years?

Let’s face it – in the end it is always the parents responsibility to look after a dog, no matter what the kids promise.

So as it will be your dog in the long run, you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

  • Do I really want to share my life with a dog?
  • Am I really fond of dogs and is my partner fond of dogs?
  • Do we as adults have the time and patience to look after a dog, to care for his needs, be there for him in times of trouble?
  • Can we afford to keep a dog or is our financial budget too tight anyway?
  • Does a canine fit in with our plans for the future?
  • Is there enough space in the house for another family member?

Since health is always an issue you also need to make sure no member of your family is afraid of dogs or even allergic to dog hairs and dander.

If you are very house proud and a keen gardener you also need to take into account the fact that a pooch goes places he should not go, sheds hair at least twice a year and leaves muddy dog paws all over the place – in short, your house will not be as clean as it was without a dog. Your work load will increase.

A dog makes a fantastic friend and companion. Canines give a lot but they also take a lot. They need company most of the day to stay healthy and happy, they need proper training, exercise and nourishment.

Owning a dog means being responsible for another being at every level of his existence.

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

If you are ready to share your life with a canine, if you as parents really, really want a dog – then and only then does a dog make a wonderful Christmas surprise.