Negotiate Is NOT a Dirty Word

To negotiate means to “attempt to come to an agreement on something through discussion and compromise” (Encarta Dictionary). It is something we do everyday in business and in our personal lives, yet we all are not 100% proficient. And for many the word negotiate conjures up negative reactions… it becomes a dirty word. Many people tell us they just don’t like to negotiate.

Because we are not all 100% proficient in negotiating, many people walk away from opportunities because they can’t come to agreement, or they leave money on the table by paying more than they wanted, or their discussions get heated or stalled. Why don’t we excel in something we do every day?

Negotiating involves discussing our “needs” (which are very personal), sharing our “wants” (which are very important) and communicating with someone else (who has different wants and needs and may have a different style), so many factors can get in the way of reaching that critical agreement.

To help reduce these potential barriers, consider these three best practices of top negotiators.

Keep Communicating with the Other Person

  • Stay focused on the issues that are keeping you from agreement. Create a give and take atmosphere so both parties share their wants and needs.Work to establish common ground and whenever possible, reiterate what both parties agree on to make it easier to work towards a solution.

Be Patient

  • Do not give up anything until you have the full picture and have all the information available. Try to get both parties wants and needs on the table before agreeing to a new solution. If you have a tendency to move fast in life, learn how to slow down in negotiations

Be Prepared

  • Before negotiating, develop your opening position, your bargaining strategy and your bottom line. This preparation can be done when the negotiation is planned and unplanned. If it is unplanned, (when a customer calls you out of the blue and demands a discount) take a moment to explore the customer’s issues. Then develop your first offer, some ideas for resolving the issue if the customer doesn’t accept the first offer, and the bottom line in terms of what you can do to find resolution.

If you remember these three tips of top negotiators, you will feel more confident when negotiating and be able to achieve more “Win-Win” outcomes in your personal and business lives. And negotiating won’t be a “dirty” word.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – How to Create a Clean and Presentable Environment in Your Business

As a business owner ensuring your working environment is presentable to clients and customers, whilst being clean for your work force is a constant challenge. Carpets suffer from daily wear, dirt, odours and stains can seem unavoidable.

Dust, allergens and bacteria build up in carpets over time and can lead to hygiene issues for employees, especially those suffering with hypersensitivity.

Regular office cleaners are not specialised or equipped to deal with many of the stains linked with commercial traffic. Some common stains on commercial premises are mud, oil and drinks. These often require services or techniques that vary from those used for residential customers and premises.

Expert commercial carpet cleaning companies will offer a provision, completely customized and modified to your individual requirements. They will benefit from a wealth of industry knowledge with varied experience in the field. It is important that they are understanding and make suggestions for approaching the job based on work flow and business events.

Specialist industrial machinery will be required to ensure you receive the best possible outcome and finish. This specialised machinery will offer enormously reduced drying times and enables minimal disturbance to your business. A skilled cleaner will then offer you advice on how to approach regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the results are long-lasting.

Productivity and budgeting are major considerations in today’s business-related society. This gives testament to the importance of a high-level service and benefits professional commercial carpet cleaners can provide. The process of carpet cleaning will prove to be cost-effective as it will instantly improve the look and feel of your working environment and it will noticeably reduce the level of bacteria and airborne dust, meaning it is less likely for your workforce to experience possible linked allergy reactions.

A regular maintenance and cleaning routine will ensure your carpets are long-lasting and do not need replacing, saving a huge cost and often avoidable outlay to your business.

In an ever-evolving industry, specialist credentials are awarded to companies who prove they are committed to new methods and advances in technology. The science of carpet cleaning and the awareness of “cleaning for health”, and “indoor air quality” issues are progressive. Eco friendly products, systems and working practices need to be primary considerations when working in businesses and homes alike.

Ensure any company you employ to complete the cleaning of your carpets can provide evidence of necessary qualifications and standards. This will offer confidence and assurance you are dealing with the best.

With a fresh and clean environment and a professional clean; the presentation of your business will be lifted instantly. Your carpets will look like new! Your customers will notice the difference and your staff will appreciate the improvement!

Communications While Negotiating

How many times have you encountered a situation while negotiating, misunderstood the situation, initially, and then got a different impression of the situation after you had the opportunity to reevaluate it? Its probably occurred more times than you’ve noticed. Why do you think those occurrences happen? In most cases, people are not aware of their communication style. They are not aware of the manner in which they communicate, nor the signals they send out while communicating.

Everyone has a very unique style of communicating. Its almost akin to a special imprint implanted into our DNA.

When negotiating, take notice of the phraseology a person uses. Do they speak with phases, such as, I see what you mean, I hear what you’re saying? The words a person uses, when they speak, give you insight into the way they’re processing thoughts. If you, as a savvy negotiator, are astute enough to recognize the other persons thought process, you can use it to your advantage during the negotiations.

The way to use the processing of information in the mind of the other person can be multifaceted

1. If you want to heighten rapport, use the same phraseology (words) as the other person to explain your presentation.

2. If you want to break rapport, use different phraseology to explain your point (e.g. the other person says, I see what you mean. When you use phraseology to explain a similar point, youre response would be, I hear what you mean.

The fact that two different words were used to convey, basically, the same meaning will cause/create a slight differences in closeness and thus, you will have created a process that says, non verbally, that theres a disconnect. Try it and which the other persons body language. If you observe closely enough, you may notice a slight movement backwards.

The point of raising your perception to a higher level when communicating during a negotiation is to heighten your awareness to the times when you will have an advantage during the negotiations.

Pay attention to the style and means in which people communicate and you will notice your negotiation sessions will start to come to faster and more favorable conclusions.

Negotiation Lessons:

(Note) When negotiating, you should always be aware of everything thats going on in your environment. The greater your awareness, the more aware you will be of possible opportunities that you can take advantage of.

The negotiation lessons are

Take note of the manner in which the other person is communicating

Seek opportunities to bond to or to break the bonding process based on how the other person is communicating, when it is to your advantage to do so

For the next week, play a game with yourself. The game is to take note of as many people and their communication language. This will heighten your awareness prior to getting to the negotiation table and you will find that your more attuned when the time to negotiate occurs.

Thats it for this time, until next time here’s hoping all of your negotiations are happy ones and remember, You’re always negotiating.