CD Printing For a Better Look to Your CD Presentation

CD printing is an allured way to add a good look to your CD presentation. Merely it opened the door to all kinds of new applications that we see today. You can select an appropriate option that best suits to your artwork design. The printing of artwork on the CD face i.e., CD printing gives a professional finish to your product. The most frequent methods employed in CD printing are:

Silkscreen printing
Litho printing
Digital printing
Thermal printing
Inkjet printing

Silk Screen Printing can be employed where high-impact color images are required. It is a stencil, where ink passes through the unblocked areas of mesh. The mesh used here is original silk so called silkscreen printing. The screening machines used to carry the printing usually have round indentations in a table top for the discs to be automatically set into and these are controlled by robotic CNC s.

The artwork being copied is transferred onto films of up to five colors each color being on a separate film. After pushing the ink onto the disc top UV light is applied to cure the ink. The silk screen printing is the process traditionally used to print ‘retail’ CDs that you might buy in the shops. Silk screen printing is mainly used for designs containing one to six spot/pantone colors. The screen printing technique is bounded with some limitations such as tints, vignettes, blends and some particular complex designs which cannot be printed as usual. While printing the screen, one should be even sure to set trapping because the artwork may overprint where it should knock out and vice versa. Also the scanned images should not be saved as RGB as this will cause images to be colored separately contrary to your requirement.

The artwork for silk screen printing can be provided in modes such as Quark press, adobe photo shop, adobe illustrator or a high resolution PDF etc. The quality of printing follows high standards and used for very bright images or spot color jobs. A silk screen print is usually 85-100lpi (lines per inch). This is a cost effective means for runs of 250 + units.

Litho Printing offers more color resolution and finer color control than the silk screen printing technique.. It is often known as OFFSET printing. These offset printing machines use CMYK (5 separate colors) + white to give you the full color range. This works best and stands ideal for realistic photo images. The inks are applied onto the disc top by rollers. Offset print is able to show smaller text and details of an image smoothly and clearly.

The 4 plates (CMYK) need to be manufactured from your original artwork. Each plate is used to transfer a linked image on to a rubber blanket that has been mounted on a cylinder. The rubber blanket then transfers or offsets the linked image onto the disc as it passes through the press; the 4 colors combine to create a high resolution picture on the face of the disc. Thus photographic images, skin tones, full color graphics, and text are improved with this print option. This too offers high quality printing and is a cost effective means for runs of 500+ units. But this is bounded limiting to use pantone colors because the colors are made from CMYK process.

Digital Printing is a professional alternative to OFFSET printing. It stands ideal for crystal clear pictures of photographic quality for the most subtle color shades and graduations. It is faster and flexible too. It uses a transfer process to reproduce a very high quality CMYK print. Also used for print serialization that is digital printing allows each disc to be personalized with name, number, address, barcode etc. It gives an impressive high resolution high glass print. It is a cost effective means for 300+ units or so. But it is also set bound with limitation such as special colors such as pantone, HKS etc that is these colors cannot be printed with the digital printing process.

Thermal Printing is a simple and finest procedure that is used for printing single color on to the disc surface directly (usually black). The media used is normally a silver or white surface. This stands ideal for fast turn over durable results.

Inkjet Printing follows the same procedure employed for standard desktop printers. It is recommended for full color designs and that is to only limited areas of block colors. Glossy and water resistant discs can be used which gives a glossy finish and allow colors to show more vibrantly.

Advantages Of CD Printing:

The dead smart techniques mentioned above provided a cutting edge for today’s cut throat competition with their beautiful appliances. The CD printing saves your money up to 50% if you purchase an inkjet printable disc rather than buying both discs and adhesive labels. It enhances your convenience too as there is no need to deal with label placement any more. And it’s important to note that it avoids damaging of your CD drives that occur due to peeling off the labels from heat etc.

The Problems With Ordering Your Christmas Presents Online

More and more of us every year are choosing to do our Christmas shopping online. It’s convenient, quicker and a lot easier to browse and buy online than it is to trail through the high-street looking for gifts, while fighting the crowds.

Although online shopping has many positives, as it gets closer to Christmas shopping online can have many negatives attached to it. Mainly the issue of whether you will receive your items in time for the big day. For couriers Christmas time is undoubtedly the busiest time of year and even with their best efforts, deliveries can be late and other mishaps can happen. In 2010 26% of Christmas orders were late. Out of this 57% was only a day late, however 20% had delays of over a week. The weather will play a big part of whether your parcel will be delivered on time or not. We all know winter weather can be unpredictable and the smallest amount of snow can send the whole of the UK to a standstill. This is something to consider if you live in very rural areas, as these are usually the worst affected areas. Postal strikes are another issue you may face when doing Christmas shopping online, again these are unpredictable and could mean late deliveries.

Figures show that 40% of online shoppers expect their deliveries to be late during the Christmas period and 27% expect last minute orders to be delivered late. So although shoppers continue to spend online, delivery expectations are still relatively low. Even if your Christmas orders arrive late, some would call it lucky as in the UK around 1 million Christmas presents go missing in the post every week in the lead up to Christmas day.

It’s not just late deliveries that are a problem, or even parcels not turning up at all. Another problem faced by the online consumer is items being delivered and left in unsecured locations for the recipient. If you have ever missed a parcel before, you may have received a notification telling you that it is at your local depot for collection or to call the courier to rearrange. Others have been less fortunate with this experience, returning home to find that their parcels have been left in the bin by the courier or left on doorsteps for passers-by to see. In the UK 1.5 million parcels are stolen from doorsteps every year, this is around 280,000 a week, meaning that these mishaps and the lack of care are a regular occurrence.

The potential loss of ordered items, late deliveries or the items being stolen is a risk worth considering when purchasing Christmas presents online, especially if these items are of high value. These cons may outweigh the pros of shopping online. If you decide to do your shopping online, always give yourself plenty of time for delivery, check the delivery options and make sure the best suit your needs and be sure to check your rights if your parcel fails to turn up or gets lost.

A New Collection of Wonderful Presents for Your Valentine

Are you all set to make your Valentine feel special this time? So, what are your plans on this coming Valentine’s Day? Right from the morning, you must be busy planning for that special present for your sweetheart. Well, you know that the majority of gift shops on this very special day are mobbed by young couples in search of that unique gift that can make them feel the essence of love for each other. Now, there are higher chances of not getting any exclusive Valentine gift from a local store. So, why not research online and buy an exclusive one from a wide array of Valentines gifts.

Aren’t you tired of buying flowers and chocolates for your loved one? Now, if you think practically, can flowers and chocolates really impress your beloved? Even if they do, they will be exhausted within a few days. So, why not go for some other options instead that can always keep her in touch with you? Whenever and wherever she goes, she will love to carry your presence. Now, how can this be possible? Here are some ideal Valentines gifts ideas that might excite you. Let’s have a look:

A personalised Valentine purse – What about a nice stylish Valentine purse with images of red hearts and balloons? These special Valentine purses come with more colourful images and designs which indeed stand as an ideal present for your Valentine. She will be happy to carry her precious things in such a purse which will be personalised by you with a sweet romantic message. This is indeed a thoughtful option in the list of Valentines gifts.

Valentine chocolate cake – Who doesn’t love cakes especially when they are chocolate flavoured? Now, don’t just get a cake for your beloved. Rather, place a heart shaped candle in the centre and add a short sweet message on it. You can take help of an online cake dealer to do the same. This is surely going to be one of the surprising Valentines gifts for your sweetheart.

Valentine watch – There are special designer watches meant for the Valentine occasion. So, you can take a look at the online collections and get the best one for him.