5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Presentation On Time

Along with offering the wrong material, one of the bigger mistakes a presenter can make is running too long. Some presenters take a cavalier attitude toward time, especially if they’re speaking in the evening. Regardless of when your presentation occurs, stay on time. It shows respect and a level of professionalism. These tips will help you.

1. Develop an outline and script
The framework for your presentation, an outline creates order and structure. Your notes or script, developed from your outline, keep you on message and on time. Speakers who try to “wing it” during either the research stage or the presentation itself often end up with an incoherent speech that wanders aimlessly and goes well over the allotted time.

2. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
The best way to know whether you’re on time is to do a full rehearsal. Don’t quicken your pace or cut corners. If, for example, you want to use 10 minutes for a group exercise, stop your rehearsal for 10 minutes. Walk away, and do some chores or other tasks to burn that time.

Do you need time to erase the whiteboard? Hand out materials? Open a new program or file? Factor in those, as well. Plan for questions, because you’ll get some. Every aspect of your presentation must be rehearsed so your timing and flow are properly represented.

3. Use timing cues
These can be written on a separate piece of paper or in the margins of your script. It is crucial that the time references correspond to the time of the presentation, not when you rehearsed. Also, don’t record in time increments (such as “15 mins in,” “30 mins in”). While giving your presentation, you will be forced to mentally calculate the time based upon your start time. That could be distracting for you.

Let’s say you rehearse a 75-minute presentation starting at 2:45. You decide to cue yourself in 15-minute increments. Your notes for the rehearsal would show references at 3:00, 3:15, and so on.

If your presentation starts at 10:00, cue yourself based upon that. In this case, your notes indicate you should be at certain portions of your material at 10:15, 10:30, and so forth.

4. Have a timepiece within view
Don’t assume that the meeting room has a clock, and that the clock is in a convenient location. Set a watch or small clock near your script so you can review the time when you glance at your material.

Avoid the natural inclination to look at your watch. Once or twice is OK, but more frequently, and you appear to be anxious to leave or disorganized. Remember the flack George H.W. Bush caught when he glanced at his watch during a debate?

If you don’t have a spare watch or small clock, use your wristwatch. Position it so you can easily view the time, and that it won’t get buried as you shuffle your papers.

5. End early
Craft every presentation so that you end five to 10 minutes early. Presentations tend to run a bit longer than rehearsals. (You get more questions than anticipated, and some questions lead to lengthy side discussions.) Those final moments can be used to complete evaluation forms and ask any remaining questions.

Plus, as noted above, ending on time – and especially a bit early – shows respect for your audience and any presenter to follow. Time is a precious resource. The mark of a great presenter is one who delivers good material effectively, and does so while staying within the allotted time. Make that one of your goals for your presentations.

Canadian Solar Panels: An Independent Review

Canadian Solar is one of those companies which started working on solar panels in 2001 in Canada and is considered to be the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. The company is operating in 6 continents currently. Canadian Solar Panels as compared to other panels are quite efficient, log-lasting and don’t cost much. Let’s take a look at their types, prices and see if they’re good enough to be choosen for your household or commercial usage.

Types of Canadian Solar Panels

Various types of residential as well as commercial solar panels are offered by Canadian Solar. Some of those types are given below:

For Commercial Usage
For Residential Usage
Each of these types has different specifications and you can choose based on your demand as well as the budget.

Canadian Solar Panels in Comparison with Other Solar Panels

Few things you must look for whenever you think of buying something include the efficiency, performance, warranty and its price. Similar is the case with Canadian Solar panels.

Efficiency of a solar panel means how good it is in converting sunlight to electricity. If its conversion rate is more, it’ll have a higher efficiency. Canadian Solar Panels’ efficiencies vary depending on the kind of model you have choosen for your usage. Usually, the efficiency of these panels ranges between 15 and 20%.

Canadian Solar Panels have a warranty of 10-12 years which means they will work well for the next 10 years without any issue and if they don’t, the manufacturer will be responsible for replacing the panels.

Temperature coefficient is the major parameter in evaluating the performance of these panels. Temperature coefficient indicates that how good does a panel work if ideal conditions aren’t given to it. Since solar panels work well in cool environments, same is the case with Canadian Solar Panels. Their performance is really good at a temperature below 25 and when the temperature exceeds 25, the performance starts getting low and they produce less electricity than they’re supposed to produce.

The size of solar panels as well as the materials used in their manufacturing determine the cost of these panels. Normally, Canadian Solar Panels cost between $2.5 and $3.2 for each watt of power produced which makes them an automatic choice for household usage.


Canadian Solar Panels are quite efficient, long-lasting and cost less for which they are preferred for commercial as well as household usage.

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Choosing Wedding Presents When You Do Not Have Time or Money

When You Don’t Have the Time

If you do not have the time to spend shopping for a wedding present, you can still find something that would make the newlyweds feel special. Use the internet. The internet of the widest-reaching and the most accessible mall in the world, and the web certainly carries an impressive collection of wedding gifts.

You can use the internet to find the most unique and interesting wedding present. You can also use it to find traditional wedding gifts. Everything is available in the web. Surely, you can spare a few minutes or even an hour of your time to look over what it has to offer in the way of wedding presents?

The internet offers unrivalled convenience when shopping for wedding presents. You do not need to go anywhere and waste travel time just to look for a gift. You also don’t need to carry your gift around for certain internet stores can handle shipping and delivery for you.

If You Don’t Have the Money

If you are budget-wary, you can try to make your own wedding gift. This would save you money, and the wedding present you make can also be more creative than store-bought items. Such a gift also has the added bonus of being truly personal.

Use your special talent and skills to make a wedding gift. If you are a very proficient builder, you can make a wooden furniture set for the couple’s patio. If you are good with a needle, then you can make them an embroidered tapestry or wall hanging. You can even make a special wedding quilt. The possibilities are endless when you’re making your own wedding gift.