A New Collection of Wonderful Presents for Your Valentine

Are you all set to make your Valentine feel special this time? So, what are your plans on this coming Valentine’s Day? Right from the morning, you must be busy planning for that special present for your sweetheart. Well, you know that the majority of gift shops on this very special day are mobbed by young couples in search of that unique gift that can make them feel the essence of love for each other. Now, there are higher chances of not getting any exclusive Valentine gift from a local store. So, why not research online and buy an exclusive one from a wide array of Valentines gifts.

Aren’t you tired of buying flowers and chocolates for your loved one? Now, if you think practically, can flowers and chocolates really impress your beloved? Even if they do, they will be exhausted within a few days. So, why not go for some other options instead that can always keep her in touch with you? Whenever and wherever she goes, she will love to carry your presence. Now, how can this be possible? Here are some ideal Valentines gifts ideas that might excite you. Let’s have a look:

A personalised Valentine purse – What about a nice stylish Valentine purse with images of red hearts and balloons? These special Valentine purses come with more colourful images and designs which indeed stand as an ideal present for your Valentine. She will be happy to carry her precious things in such a purse which will be personalised by you with a sweet romantic message. This is indeed a thoughtful option in the list of Valentines gifts.

Valentine chocolate cake – Who doesn’t love cakes especially when they are chocolate flavoured? Now, don’t just get a cake for your beloved. Rather, place a heart shaped candle in the centre and add a short sweet message on it. You can take help of an online cake dealer to do the same. This is surely going to be one of the surprising Valentines gifts for your sweetheart.

Valentine watch – There are special designer watches meant for the Valentine occasion. So, you can take a look at the online collections and get the best one for him.

Using Fire Pits to Negotiate Fairly and Effectively

As fire pits become increasingly common in both homes and corporate offices a growing number of businessmen are making the surprising move of returning to the ancient tradition of negotiating around a fire. While this may seem a bit unusual, the fact of the matter is that human beings have been negotiating around a fire pit for tens of thousands of years. While some people like to think that modern man has somehow evolved passed the point where traditions like this are useful, this really is not true in the psychological or neurological sense. In fact, negotiating over fire pits is still a crucial part of the culture in many parts of the world, including some societies that we might consider quite advanced. From the aboriginals of the Australian outback to nomadic tribes in Africa and the Middle East, many leaders and merchants continue to find it useful to negotiate over a roaring fire, and they have a number of good reasons for doing so. While society may have changed a great deal, we are still hardwired with the same basic instincts as our ancestors, and this is what makes negotiating over a pit so effective.

Negotiating over a pit helps clear the air for everyone involved in a given negotiation. Because sitting around a fire appeals to our most basic instincts, they remind everyone involved in the discussion that we are all just human beings and have the same basic needs and desires in life. There is also something about a fire that calms to the nerves of everyone who watches it, as anyone who has been hypnotized by a campfire can attest to. This helps everyone involved in the negotiation clear their mind of the other stressful personal and professional problems that might be at hand and discuss the various factors involved in the negotiation in a calm and constructive manner.

Due to the fact that fire pits are becoming more and more common in people’s homes, it seems likely that people will begin using fire pits for negotiations outside of work as well. Whether it is a controversial negotiation that your family needs to work through or there is a problem in your community that could be solved if everyone would just sit down and talk about calmly, inviting everyone over to negotiate over a fire pit can really break down some walls and lead to a peaceful conflict resolution.

Calculate Net Present Value

Net Present Value (NPV) refers to the sum of a series of cash flows in and out. NPV takes into account the series of cash paid or received in today’s value. This is different from a layman calculation of cash flows which only takes into account the dollar value of the cash flows. Take for example we take out $1000 from our pockets to invest in a business venture. In one year’s time, the business venture pays out $1,100 and we put this money into our pocket.

To a layman, the net investment gain is $100 ($1,100 – $1,000). Using NPV, the amount is smaller. This is because we take into account what our $1,000 initial amount would have earned us if we put it in the bank. Assuming that the interest rate is 5%, our $1,000 would have earned us $1,050. Therefore the net investment gained would have been $50 ($1,100 – $1,050). That’s not all. The amount is what we gained in one year’s time. But in today’s time, that $50 would have worth less today. That means if we put less than $50 into the bank, we would have gotten that $50 in one year’s time. The exact amount is $47.62($50 / 105%). This amount is the Net Present Value of our cash out flow of $1,000 (denoted by a negative sign) and a cash inflow of $1,100 in one year’s time (denoted by a positive sign).

Sounds complicated? Here’s another way of looking at it. That $1,100 in one year would have a present value of $1,047.62 ($1,100 / 105%). Since we took out $1,000 to gain that $1,100 (which has a present value of $1,047.62), the NPV is $47.62.

After you have understood the concept, you would not have to subject yourself to this kind of calculation. You can use a time line to present the above concept and an Excel Formula to calculate the Net Present Value.